Fv50s OilSo You Save Energy And Money On Your Utility Bill. Wurth Canada offers ac lubricants, oils, and refrigerants and other industrial supplies. 9 ROTARY ROTARY ROTARY ROTARY ROTARY 5. 38 44 HVAC Type Circuit Breaker Amp. These numbers refer to the viscosity of the oil. difference in level of indoor unit - ft. FV50S // 12 External finish color Ivory Munsell 3Y 7. ) are charged with a high-quality polyolester oil…. Refrigerant oil/oil charge ml ESTER OIL VG74/500 ESTER OIL VG74/820 ESTER OIL VG74/820 FV50S/1070 Input W 50 72 72 180 Outdoor fan motor RLA A …. 3 1 TECHNICAL CHANGES 2 PART NAMES AND FUNCTIONS MUZ-HM24NA - U11. 出光机械油-daphnee mechanic oil 220; 面议 福斯溶剂型防锈剂 anticorit rps 6202; ¥4200. Multi zone inverter mini split MODEL: …. (A) 55: Compressor RLA (A) 13: Compressor Power Input (W) 3000: MCA (A) 40: Fuse or Circuit Breaker (HVAC Type) 40-All IDUs EW / 50-All IDUs EC or EU: Throttling Method: Electronic Expansion Valve: Starting Method: Transducer starting: Recommended Working Ambient Temp Ranges (F) AC: 20 to 115 HP: 5 to 75. A-604 (ADDITIVE FOR LUBRICATING OIL) 227 KGS/ DRUM - (1 DRUM) C-603 (ADDITIVE FOR LUBRICATING OIL) 190 KG/DRUM - 2 DRUMS D-212 (ADDITIVE FOR LUBRICATING OIL…. MSZ/MUZ-FH High Efficiency Heat Pumps | 3,100-25,200 Btu/h Capacity Range 30. Refrigerant oil/oil charge ml FV50S/1070 Outdoor unit Connection wiring 16AWG*4 Dimension(W*D*H) inch 38. Refrigerant oil type FV50S Refrigerant oil charge ml 1400+1300 1700+1500 1700+1500 Outdoor fan motor Model WZDK170-38G-1 Type DC motor Quantity 2 Brand Panasonic Insulation class E Safe class IP×4 Input W 260(up)/200(down) 250(up)/185(down) 250(up)/185(down). Download Service manual of LG A2UC146FA0 Air Conditioner for Free or View it Online on All-Guides. , ltd compressor model tnb306fpgmc tnb306fpgmc compressor oil fv50s fv50s …. 45 Electrical Voltage 115 208/230 Volt Range 110/126 197/253 Hz/ Phase 60 / 1 Power Supply LCDI Hardwired or LCDI Power Cord Power Factor 0. 太阳suniso品牌作为首屈一指的高级冷冻机油,它拥有75年以上的悠久历史。中冷公司专营日本原装进口太阳冷冻机油,价格优惠,假一赔百。太阳牌冷冻油订购热 …. L-HV 46 Low TemperATure HYRDAULIC OIL. (mm) 11-1/5 (285) Package Dimensions H: In. (mm) 13 (330) Package Dimensions H: In. pdf · PDF file3245089300 DAPHNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S Änderungsdatum. Not hydrolytic, unlike POE lubricants. Use the following tools specifically designed for use with R410A refrigerant. 1 WH-SXC09F3E5 WH-UX09FE5 Item Unit Outdoor Unit Performance Test Condition EN 14511 Cooling Capacity Condition …. It can be used as a refrigeration oil for HFC-based air conditioners as well as commercial refrigeration systems. Only two refrigerant pipes need to be twinned, saving time and materials. 1 Base Pan Heater Optional Unit Dimensions W x D x H: …. 茄形培养瓶 茄子瓶 高硼硅透明带硅胶塞 生物细菌细胞培养 克氏生化瓶 实验室扁型玻璃茄形瓶250ml 250ml【不带塞】破损包赔. 40 Compressor Oil -- FVC68D FVC68D FV50S FV50S 41 Compressor Type -- Rotary Rotary Rotary Rotary 42 Compressor LRA Amp. 00 广东 广州 常州出光原装日本出光DAPHNE 冷冻油 FVC 32D 68D 压缩机油 润滑油 …. In the highly refined FV50S FV50S Compressor Type Rotary Rotary L. Develop 20 frame Miniature BLDC Rotary Compressor WIRING DIAGRAM. Revision D: • Capacity corrections have been corrected [7-1. (1) *适合于使用HFC系冷媒的空调以及低温机器的压缩机。. 1 12 Type Rated current(RLA) Refrigerant oil …. 1 Correction by temperature Y-21 2. Oil Type Viscosity (SUS/ISO) NXT Replacement Emkarate RL100 POE 500/100 NXT POE-LT-100 Emkarate RL 100H POE 500/100 NXT POE-LT-100 …. Wolf Sole-Wasser Wärmepumpe BWS-1-08 zur …. 供应青岛出光冷冻机油fv50s/fvc68d 日本出光合成制冷压缩机油 ¥5400. Alkylbenzene Mineral Oil Polyolester. Refrigerant oil ml FV50S 670ml+200ml FV50S 670ml+200ml FV50S 870ml+630ml Outdoor fan motor Model WZDK170-38G-1 WZDK170-38G-1 WZDK100-38G Type DC Motor DC Motor DC motor Brand Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Insulation class E E E Safe class IPX4 IPX4 IP23. Heater clamps around compressor oil stump. Компресор Панасоник 5jd520xba22 въпрос. China R410a Mitsubishi Rotary Compressor manufacturers - Select 2022 high quality R410a Mitsubishi Rotary Compressor products in best price from certified Chinese Air Compressor Part, Air Compressor Set suppliers, wholesalers and factory on Made-in-China. 8 External Finish Color Munsell 3Y 7. Texaco ® / Chevron® Product Rawls Product Capella® HFC 68 NXT POE-LT-68 Capella® WF NXT MIN-32, -46, -68 Capella® WF 68 NXT 717 Capella® P …. 阿里巴巴为您找到45条fvc冷冻机油产品的详细参数,实时报价,价格行情,优质批发/供应等信息。. Oil Charge (Precharged) Net Weight Motor Data Motor Type Locked Rotor Amperes Winding Resistance Max. Φ DC inverter fan with automatic adjustment of fan speed for reducing noise and saving energy; Φ Thickened sound insulation. Afgifte circuit Condensor - Type Plaatwisselaar Condensor - Materiaal RVS, koper …. Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 81,00 × 98,50 × 166,50 cm. A (Fortsetzung) Typ AWCI-AC 201. ダフニー スーパーハイドロ 32A 32240104 作成改訂日: 2017/09/04 製品コード 32240104 2 / 11 リン酸トリトリル >=0. 10(fv50s) refrigerant piping 3lsh vl]h 2 '/ltxlgmm *dv mm 15. Sign In to view pricing and availability. Vacuum pump oil may flow back into refrigerant cycle and that can cause deterioration of refrigerant oil etc. Only for authorized service personnel. 阿里巴巴为您找到86条关于日本出光润滑油生产商的工商注册年份、员工人数、年营业额、信用记录、主营产品、相关日本出光润滑油产品的供求信息、交易记录等企业详情。. :JAPAN) (FOR INDUSTR IAL USE) [FOR CAPTIVE USE] [QTY. Refrigerant oil Qty’per 20’ /40’ /40'HQ (Indoor unit) Controller Dimension (WxHxD) Packing(WxHxD) Net/Gross weight Indoor air flow …. Air source heat pump for a maximum heating water temperature of 63 °C and a minimum …. - Refrigerant Oil cm³ FV50S (450) - Refrigerant Type g (oz) R410A, 1200 (46. the compressor oil must be replaced. Refrigerant oil FV50S FV50S FV50S FV50S Water flow rate: minimum (7 K) / nominal (5 K) 2)/ maximum (4 K) l/min 23 / 32 / 40 25. First, a quick summary of the role of oil in the refrigerant circuit: The compressor requires oil for the lubrication of the moving parts in the compressor. 5 Locked rotor Amp(LRA) --Thermal protector --e. 2A Power Input: 860W Refrigerant: R410A Weight: 15lbs Pacote de Transporte: Standard Export Wooden Package. Abmessungen ( Länge × Breite × Höhe ): 65,00 × 60,00 × 74,00 cm. Mitsubishi Electric PUHZ-W85VHA2 Manual Online: Specifications. Oil is used in refrigeration systems to lubricate compressor bearings and other moving parts. 35 (FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion valve Sound level 1 Cooling dB(A) 48 48 49 49 49 49 Heating (MUZ) dB(A) 50 - 51 - 51 - Airfl ow High - Med. 2 Compressor Power Input W 860 860 Compressor …. 1/4 Refrigerant Pipe Length Height Difference (Max. Oil quantuty (PVE) kg 2,2 2,3 Oil version FV50S External fan Model EBM-PAPST Type Inverter BLDC Numer 1 Nominal diameter mm 910 Maximum input …. Need Help? Contact your Zones Account Manager or call 800. Масло Idemitsu Daphne FV50S (4л) соответствует всем стандартам качества и безопасности. 8/1/1 Base Pan HeaterUnit Dimensions Optional W: In. Idemitsu Hermetic Oil (PAG) 134A. working pressure 31 bar Brine system min. (mm) 21-5/8 (550) Package Dimensions W: In. • When installing the condensing unit 7. (mm) 31-13/16 + 7/16 (809+62) D: In. Import Data and Price of daphne hermetic oi…. use a PVE oil (FV50S or equivalent) that readily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere to limit this 'hygroscopic" action. Масло для кондиционеров на R410A, R32 Idemitsu FVC68D, FVC32D, FV50S. When looking at PAG oil you will notice various numbers such as PAG46 or PAG100. 100 ISO / 500 SUS 120 ISO / 600 SUS 150 ISO / …. Learn how essential oils might provide numerous health benefits, from improving certain skin conditions to relieving aches and pains. 1 Base Pan HeaterUnit Dimensions Optional W: In. specific handling concerns with PVE oil, contact yo. Product Name and/or Code : 32450893 DAPHNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S. 1 Base Pan Heater Built-in Unit Dimensions W x D x H: In. 45 Refrigerant Piping Connection Pipe Gas (mm/inch) 3/4 Liquid (mm/inch) 3/8 Max. OBH624 MUZ-FH35VE Single phase, 230 V, 50 Hz 2. It has good intermiscibility to R407C, . (mm) 330 + 30 [13+1-3/16] Package Dimensions H: In. Compressor Overload Protector --1NT11L-. 9 1070 EEV 0 ~ 129 -22 ~ 75 Aluminum Fin-Copper Tube 0. Vintage furniture is a great and unique addition to any home. O'Reilly Auto Parts carries air compressor oil …. Water side heat exchanger Type Plate heat exchanger Material Stainless Steel - Copper Water pressure drop kpa 23 26 Pipe connections Inch G1" Water flow Min. 0 HSPF, INVERTER-driven compressor. ★★★ Top-Marken zum günstigen Preis ★★★ EAN: 4045013314375 Artikelnummer: …. Because water is the enemy of a reliable refrigeration. Propeller fan ×2 Propeller fan ×2 Fan motor output kW 0. 40 (FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion valve Sound level 1 Cooling dB(A) 55 55 Heating dB(A) 55 Defrost method Reverse cycle Dimensions W in. txt : 20200722 0001193125-20-197170. : PH440X3CS-4MU1 Type: Rotary Power Source: AC Power Configuration: Stationary Lubrication Style: Lubricated …. 1 Base Pan HeaterUnit Dimensions n/a W: In. Specially designed refrigeration oil for car air-conditioning systems with fluorinated refrigerants and is suitable for R1234yf. Soluble & compatible with other refrigeration oils and process fluids. (mm) 1338 [52-11/16] Package Dimensions W: In. 59 Compressor Power Input W 800 800 Overload Protector Int11l-3979 Int11l-3979 Throttling Method Electron expansion valve Electron expansion valve Operation temp ºC 16 ~30 16~30 Ambient temp (cooling) ºC 18 ~43 18~43. English description: Daphne HERMETIC PVE OIL FVC68D 18 liter can, polyvinylether – the innovative climate oil. PVE-FVC68D REFRIGERATION OIL, 6X1 QT CS 4319-68D_SDS_ENG_20201209 RTK Information Related Products: 2611 Schuetz Rd. PVE lubricants exhibit excellent performance characteristics …. daphne hermetic oil fv50s (synthetic lubricating oil) 200 liter/drum - 02 drums daphne hermetic oil fvc68d 200liter/drum (20 drums) (synthetic lubricating oil) daphne hermetic oil pr (synthetic lubricating oil) 200 liter/drum - 16 drums daphne hermetic oil ps (synthetic lubricating oil) 200liter/drum - 40 drums daphne hermetic oil sr15 (synthetic lubricating oil) 200 liter/drum - 02 drums. - Low Cooling CFM 1,102 - 1,102 - 639 1,102 - 1,102 - 639 Heating CFM 1,186 - 1,045 - 1,045 1,186 - 1,045 - 1,045 Fan speed High - Med. 40(FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J60-BC Current 1 Cooling A 0. The capacity range of outdoor unit is from 20kW to 90kW with two discharge type (side discharge and top discharge). 1 SPECIFICATIONS: MXZ-8C48NAHZ2 Specifications are subject to change without. 119 External Þnish Munsell 3Y 7. Refrigerant Oil Type/Viscosity IndexFV50S/84 Refrigerant Oil (oz. Classification : Specification for Compressor Issued Date 2015-01-27 Subject : NN37YCAMT Document No. P Name Fan(Indoor) Type Motor Output W Fan(outdoor) Type Motor Type Motor Output W Circuit Breaker* A Power Supply Cable NEC FV50S FV50S 320 320--Cross Flow Fan Cross Flow Fan 20 20 Propeller Propeller BLDC BLDC 43 43 15 15 14 14 18 18 6. Olie kg 2,2 Olietype PVE FV50S Udendørs Venti lator Model EBMPAPST Motortype EC Nominel diameter mm 910 Maksimal elforbrug kw 0. 9 (FV50S) Crankcase heater W - - - Heat exchanger Air Plate fin coil Plate fin coil Plate fin coil. Page 25 item Model AU282AHEAA WHITE color Power cable H05RN-F 3G 4. USE ONLY THE FACTORY RECOMMENDED - DAFNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S - for servicing PVE units. L-CKD 460 Heavy Duty Industrial GEAR OIL. Mitsubishi electric compressor co. 福斯防锈油; 更新时间:2022-04-07 19:26 所属行业:能源 润滑油 工业润滑油 发货地址:广东深圳. یونیت سقفی توکار ام دی وی MIDEA. Fixed speed Light Commercial System for cooling only, part of Hitachi's light commercial solutions with Japanese technology. Den som använder kemikalier i sitt arbete behöver få information om produkternas farliga egenskaper, risker och de skyddsåtgärder som ska vidtas. x AWG) 2 x 18 VRF‐SB‐BB‐003‐US 013M16 Page 1 of 2. ) FV50S 350cc FV50S 400cc Refrigerant Pipe Gas Side O. Refrigerant oil/oil charge FV50S / 1070 Rated current(RLA) 13. 0 Compressor Power Input W 1245 2450 Overload …. Каталог » Холодильные масла » Масло для кондиционеров на R410A, R32 Idemitsu FVC68D, FVC32D, FV50S. 6 Viscosity at 100°C ASTM D445 mm 2/s 5. Performing as Heart of the Unit, an SCI compressor is a key driving part for low to medium temperature plug-in cabinet & CDU, coming in various types and models. DAPHNE Compressor Compound Refrigerant Oil Lubricating oil FVC68D FVC32D FVC46D FV32S FV50S FV68S $370. [mm] 31-1/2 x 11-1/4 x 21-5/8 [800 x 285 x 550] Package Dimensions W x D x H: In. 14 Refrigerant R410A Dimension/Weight Dimensions (HxWxD) inch 56-1/4 x 37 x 12-5/8 Net Weight. 4 (FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J50-FA RC0J60-BD RC0J60-BC Current *1 Cooling A 0. TVN24 GO to kanały live, najświeższe informacje, programy, aktualności, które obejrzysz przez internet. High efficiency DC fan motor saved power up to 50%. China Gmcc Rotary Compressor (pH440X3CS-4MU1) R22 220-240V/50Hz, Find details about China Air-Conditioner Compressor, Air Conditioner Compressor from Gmcc Rotary Compressor (pH440X3CS-4MU1) R22 220-240V/50Hz - Airmend (Guangzhou) Refrigeration Equipment Co. 1 Base Pan Heater Optional (PAC-SJ20BH-E) Unit Dimensions W: …. Liquid pipe (flare) 3/8 3/8 Gas pipe …. 40 (FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion valve Sound level 1 Cooling dB(A) 48 48 55 Heating dB(A) 49 49 …. 13 15:14 Seite 1 Technical documentation BWL-1-A, BWL-1-l air source BWS-1 ground …. Each model is designed to provide comfort and efficiency, in an easy-to-operate unit and the sleek design. Fully integrated hydraulic module. Compressor Oil FV50S FV50S Compressor Type Rotary Rotary Compressor RLA A 8. 40 (FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion valve Sound level 1 Cooling dB(A) 48 48 55 Heating dB(A) 49 49 55 Defrost method Reverse cycle Dimensions W in. 80 119 External Þnish Munsell 3Y 7. jet fuel, gasoline, diesel), chemical products (e. L-CKD 150 Heavy Duty Industrial GEAR OIL. Fachberatung: 0641 / 948 252 00 Mo. Product Data 40MAQ / 38MAQ High Wall Ductless Split System Sizes 09 to 30 INDUSTRY LEADING FEATURES / BENEFITS A PERFECT BALANCE …. analyzesreasons ABSdeformation, findout optimizedrefrigerant oil ad- opted integratedrefrigeration air conditioner R290refrigerant. u PRODUCT OVERVIEW The NEW JP Series is a 115v heat pump which may be connected to dedicated (15 or 20A) electrical circuits providing significant …. 40) Refrigerant Pipe Gas Side O. Flexible Duct Design External static pressure can be up to 196Pa (models 71 to 160) or 280Pa (models 200 to 560). 82 Dimensions W × H × D mm 800 × 550 × 285 840 × 880 × 330 Weight kg 30 35 54 50 53 Special remarks Air flow *1 Cooling High m³/h 1,806. 5UF/450V Speed r/min 930/830 830/780 815 Outdoor air flow m3/h 2800 5100 6500 Outdoor noise level (sound pressure) dB(A) 59 63 62 Outdoor unit Dimension(WxDxH) mm 845x363x702 946x410x810 900x350x1170. On-grid AC/DC Solar Residential Central Air Conditioner, use solar PV power as priority, grid AC power as back up, power the fan motor and compressor directly, …. 1st stage: compressor internal oil separate 2nd stage: high efficiency oil. USE ONLY THE FACTORY RECOMMENDED - DAFNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S - for servicing these units. 5UF/450V Speed r/min 930 830 815 Outdoor air flow m3/h 2800 5100 6500 Outdoor noise level dB(A) 59. Enjoy full season comfort during the summer or winter with this 3 TON Inverter Mini Split with 36000 BTU Heat Pump. 冷凍機油(れいとうきゆ)は、冷凍 空調機器において冷媒を圧縮するためのコンプレッサー(圧縮機)の潤滑をする潤滑油。. 1 Base pan heater n/a Unit Dimensions W: In. Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S冷冻机油用途. 2 1 COMBINATION OF INDOOR AND OUTDOOR UNITS Heat pump type Outdoor unit SUZ- SLZ-KA25VAL2. 5 Indoor Fan Speed RPM (High/Med/Low) r/min 1300±20rpm. 5 Locked Rotor Amp LRA 35 40 30 Electrical Voltage, Phase, Cycle V/Ph/Hz 208---230/1/60 208---230/1/60 208---230/1/60 Power Supply Indoor unit powered from outdoor unit MCA A. Coconut oil seems to be a miracle worker when it comes to hair, but can it really contribute to hair growth? We're investigating. 2 Wide Range Pharmaceuticals Castor Oil 0. R717 is a hydrotreated mineral oil for Ammonia refrigeration and lower viscosity Emkarate RL grades are suitable for light commercial hydrocarbon refrigeration. 2 3 HIGH WALL R-410A 60Hz COOLING ONLY The YORK® line of High Wall Air Conditioners includes a wide range of sizes to give you more flexibility in your product offering. Please file and use this manual together with the service manual for Model No. The most common signs that you need to check the oil levels in your air compressor include an overheating motor, air leaks, and low output pressure. View detailed Import data, price, monthly trends, major importing countries, major ports of used oil under HS Code 2710. 21 Compressor Oil Type, Charge -, OZs RB68EP, 13. Customer service hotline: 4008876510 •. 5 External Finish Color Munsell 3Y 7. It is used in R-134a air conditioning systems to lubricate the compressor. Масло IDEMITSU Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S (4л) Ср, 11/18/2015 - 11:54 — romzess. LOCKHEED MARTIN Oil can be used to service Lockheed owned compressors RL 68H MAYEKAWA Mycom Inter-soluble R404A, R507A, R410A RL68H PRESTCOLD Reciprocating RL 32-3MAF REFCOMP Reciprocating (SRC-F, SRC-M, SRC-L & SRC-P) RL 32H & 68H ROLTEC Screw RL 46H & 170H ROYCE Reciprocating RL 32H SABROE Reciprocating RL 32H, 46H & 68H Screw RL 68H, 100H. Chigo Technical Specifications for 9000 BTU , 12000 BTU and 24000 BTU mini split units. Page 17 Service Manual Compressor Trademark Panasonic Panasonic Panasonic Wanbao Panasonic Wanbao Compressor Manufacturer Appliances Compressor Appliances Compressor Co. Refrigerant Oil Toxicity Flammability Composition A2L Mildly flammable Single Component-51. (kg) 93 (42) Package Weight Lbs. Refrigerant Oil (Charged) cm3 - FV50S (1200) Refrigerant (Charged) R410A kg (oz) - 3. Model FV50S FV50S FV50S Original oil volume ml 520+600 520+600 870+800 Fan motor Type DC DC DC Brand Panasonic / Shibaura Panasonic / …. Compressor power source Rated voltage V 220-240 (within …. Refrigerant oil ml FV50S 870+630ml FV50S 870+630ml FV50S 1400ml FV50S 1400ml Model WZDK100-38G WZDK100-38G WZDK100-38G …. Shop online today! Fast shipping anywhere in Canada!. 35)/(FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion …. caustic soda), and crude oil …. Купить холодильные масла Idemitsu Daphne Hermetic Oil FVC, которые, заметим, совместимы со всеми не …. 328 328 Largest pipe length (actual) - ft. 主营业务: 工业润滑油,润滑脂,清洗剂,滤油机,链条油,切削液,食品级 …. Refrigeration oil (Model) cc 320 (NEO22) 450 (NEO22) 350(FV50S) 400(FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J50-DB RC0J50-EA RC0J60-AA RC0J60-BC Current 1 …. Refrigerating machine oils 序文 この規格は,1956年に制定され,その後7回の改正を経て今日に至っている。前回の改正は1992年に. 日本出光冷冻油品牌/图片/价格 - 日本出光冷冻油品牌精选大全,品质商家,实力商家,进口商家,微商微店一件代发. For continual product development, TOSOT America reserves the right to change specifications without notice. , ltd compressor model tnb306fpgmc tnb306fpgmc compressor oil fv50s fv50s compressor type rotary rotary l. 5 stage oil control technology ensures every outdoor unit & compressor’s oil always keep in the safe level, completely solve the compressor oil lack problem. In addition to providing lubricating properties, it also has a number of other applied. 小牛血浆 去红细胞无菌过滤 100ml 200ml 500ml 100ml. 30 Dimensions W × H × D mm 800 × 550 …. FV50S // 45 External finish color Ivory Munsell 3Y 7. 1st stage: compressor internal oil separate 2nd stage: high efficiency oil separator (separation efficiency up to 99%) 3rd stage: oil balance technology between compressors. Besides, to describe the dimple inclination, two parameters are also defined. Compressor Oil FV50S Compressor Type Rotary Compressor Locked Rotor Amp (L. 17 60 Type of Four way valve SHF-20A-46 XPE ELECTRONIC VALVE 3. 93 Dimensions W × H × D mm 800 × 550 × 285 840 × 880 × 330 Weight kg 31 31 35 55 Special remarks Dehumidifi cation Cooling L/h 0. LES HUILES DECOUVRIR LES HUILES: UNE NECESSITE !! 1) Son rôle: - assurer la lubrification des pièces en mouvement et donc, retard de l'usure (palier, …. In addition to its solubility and miscibily characteristics, the PVE lubricant provides for increased stability and lubrication. sgml : 20200722 20200722171631 accession number: 0001193125-20-197170 …. Fan(Indoor) Type Cross Flow Fan Cross Flow Fan. 0mm2 Power source N, V, Hz 1PH,220-230VAC,50HZ NN33VAAMT(MITSUBISHI Model / Manufacture Oil model FV50S Compressor 1300CC. アントンパール・ジャパンのオンライン音速計式 ocr(オイル循環率)計の技術や価格情報などをご紹介。エアコン開発用。毎秒測定、消耗部品なし、堅牢 …. One of the special features of Daphne Hermetic Oil …. In an automotive engine, motor oil stays in the crankcase where it belongs. (mm) 330 + 30 [13+1-3/16] H: In. 8/1/1 Base Pan HeaterUnit Dimensions N/A W: In. Understanding Refrigerant Oils - Refrigeran…. Compressor Refrigerant Oil Type. 上海摩润石油化工有限公司,简称摩润(f&l),专业供应特种润滑油脂,涂层涂料,粘胶剂以及润滑设备,帮助用户在全球范围内采购润滑产品,为用户提供润滑产 …. 8/1/1 Base Pan Heater Built-in Unit Dimensions W x D x H: In. 93 Dimensions W × H × D mm 800 × 550 × 285 840 × 880 × 330 Weight kg 30 35 54 Special remarks Dehumidifi cation Cooling /h 0. Refrigerant oil ml ESTER OIL FV50S. Compressor Oil Mixture Toh 1Khai Liang1, Azadeh Ghadimi *, Lim 2Chin Hong1, Phang Siew Wei1, Chin Wai Meng 1School of Engineering, Taylor's University, Malaysia 2Daikin Research & Development. Continuous Curent2 Permanent Split Capacitor 62 A at 120 V Q, Aux: Main: , Maximunn() teratñig Conditions Perf0ð'/'itcnce Data. Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S冷冻机油本质 在高度精练的聚乙烯醚系合成基础油中,配合了氧化防止剂、耐磨耗性剂等添加剂的合成系冷冻机油。 3. Synthetic Oil [FW50S) Synthetic Oil [FV50S) Mineral Oil. Compatible with all HFC refrigerants. Optimally designed fan shape and air discharge grille …. BVK 12 8F Oil hole dia 1 mm RDC21O1457 RN140WHDMT Sompong RDC21O1473 Puthep RDC21O1539 BV 128 Y BVK 128 FM2MT + SG. 5 Specifications and rating conditions of main electric parts Model Item SUZ-KA25VA5 SUZ-KA35VA5 SUZ-KA50VA5 SUZ-KA60VA5 SUZ-KA71VA5 …. 6 OUTDOOR FAN MOTOR Type DC Motor Insulation Class E Rated Current (A) 2 x …. Hermetic oil FV50S, FV68S, FV32S for rotary and scroll compressors MITSUBISHI, SIAM, PANASONIC, GMCC TOSCHIBA, SANYO, BOYARD, COPELAND, HITACHI. we are expert in process design and equipment manufacturer on fertilizer …. アントンパール・ジャパンのオンライン音速計式 OCR(オイル循環率)計の技術や価格情報などをご紹介。エアコン開発用。毎秒測定、消耗部品なし、堅牢で、高精度な音速計を用いたOCR …. 4 (FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J50-FA RC0J60-BD RC0J60-BC Current* Cooling A 0. アントンパール・ジャパンのオンライン音速計式 OCR(オイル循環率)計の技術や価格情報などをご紹介。エアコン開発用。毎秒測定、消耗部品なし、堅 …. charge pump Stratos Tec 25/7 or Grundfos UPM GEO 25-85 Electrical data Output power 1) Input power 1) 2) Max starting current Water volume Refrigerant quantity (R407C, fluorinated greenhouse gases GWP 1774) CO 2 equivalent. (mm) 24-13/16 (630) Unit Weight Lbs. Never break a vacuum with air and always change the driers when opening the system for component replacement. Idemitsu Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S — холодильное масло на PVE-основе (поливинилэфирные) для компрессоров холодильного оборудования и кондиционеров Danfoss, . ml FV50S/1070 FV50S/1400 WZDK120-38G-W WZDK85-38G Welling Shibaura W 120(Output) 85(Output) RLA A 1. 4 (FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J50-NA RC0J60-BD RC0J60-BC Current* Cooling A 0. FV50S // 23 External finish color Ivory Munsell 3Y 7. Daphne Hermetic Oil test item test method unit FVC32D FVC68D ISO Viscosity Density at 15°C ASTM D1298 g/ cm³ 0. 36 Refrigerant Piping Connection Pipe Gas (mm/inch) 5/8 Liquid (mm/inch) 3/8 Max. 3 Heat pump pressure drop at nominal water flow rate mbar 110 124 165 240 Air flow rate at a maximum external pressure for A2/W35 to EN 14511 m³/h 3200 3200 3400 3800. یونیت داخلی سقفی توکار باریک مالتی اسپلیت. PUHZ-RP100VHA2 Mode Cooling Power supply (phase, cycle, voltage) Running current A 12. L-CKD 100 Heavy Duty Industrial GEAR OIL. Never use copper pipes thinner than 0. 5 Compressor Power Input W 3010 3010 …. Масло Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S. Refrigerant oil ml ESTER OIL VG74/700 FV50S/750 3MAF POE/1242 Outdoor fan motor Qty 1 1 2 Input W 136. P Type Charge g Refrigerant Type Control Fan Motor Output W Capacitor µF/Vac Air Circulation m3/min FVS68D(PVE) FV50S(PVE) FV50S(PVE) FV50S(PVE) Internal MRA98781-9090 MRA99150-9090 Internal - 17. Source from Dongguan Famous Refrigerant Equipment Co. IDEMITSU Izumo FV50S PVE refrigeration oil Japan Izumo compressor refrigeration oil FV50S 18L on sale,buy cheap IDEMITSU Izumo FV50S PVE refrigeration oil . Compressor Oil: PVE/FV50S Electrical data : Power supply [V/~/Hz]: 208-230V/1/60Hz Compressor RLA [A]: 9. 7 Overload Protector: CS01F272H01 …. Oil Type VG74 VG74 VG74 VG74 FV50S FV50S Outdoor. Compressor and fan motors DC Inverter. Compressor Refrigerant Oil type FV50S Compressor Refrigerant Oil Charge Volume L/Gal 1. PVE lubricants are compatible with all HFC refrigerants. RENISO - Kältemaschinenöle auf PAG-, PAO-, POE- oder Mineralöl-Basis. FV50S // 45 External Finish Color Ivory Munsell 3Y 7. 2, 14 3, 12 6, 10 10 Oil Type (fl. If a system has been open to the atmosphere for more than 4 hours, the compressor oil must be replaced. Refrigeration Oil DAPHNE FVC32D/FVC68D/FVC46D/FV32S/FV50S/FV68S, US $ 370 - 370 / Set, China, DAPHNE, Industrial Lubricant. The 24000 BTU Midwall Split Inverter Wi-Fi Solar, On Grid-AC/DC from Green Air-Conditioning is best suited for home and office use. Models MUY-HM09NA-L1 MUY-HM18NA-L1MUY-HM12NA-L1 MUY-HM24NA-L1MUY-HM15NA-L1HFC utilized R410A NOTE: RoHS compliant …. یونیت داخلی سقفی تو کار باریک مالتی اسپلیت AUX. Oil type FV50S (PVE) FV50S (PVE) FV50S (PVE) Oil volume l 1,4 1,7 2,3 OUTDOOR EXCHANGER Type Frontal surface m2 0,711 0,711 1,112 Space fin mm 2,1 2,1 2,1 Piping diameter " 3/8 3/8 3/8 OUTDOOR FAN Type Model 15/15 SS 15/15 SS 15/11 G2L Voltage V 400/3/50 400/3/50 400/3/50 Motor capacity kW 1,1 1,5 2,2 Transmission speed Pulleys Pulleys Pulleys. 用于制冷压缩机内各运动部件润滑的油,称为冷冻油,又称润滑油。按照石油化学工业部的标准,我国生产的冷冻油有13号、18号、25号、30号和企业标准40号五种牌 …. Engineered with compressor OEMs' factory-fill quality technology, specifically for swashplate and scroll type automotive A/C compressors where HFC (R134a) refrigerant is used. 6 OUTDOOR FAN MOTOR TypeDC Motor Insulation ClassE Rated Current (A)2 x 0. Selected: Quantity: ( 100000 available) Total price:$ 359. unlike other oils, it does not absorb moisture from the ambient air. 32450893 DAPHNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S. FV50S // 78 External Finish Color Munsell 3Y 7. Oil FV50S Fan Quantity 1 2 Airflow m³/h 3000 4100 Rated Power W 60 120 Allowable fan flow Face area 0. 12 rows · Daphne Hermetic Oil is part of the FV series of Idemitsu's PVE product. compressor uses PVE oil ( FV50S or equal ), and the R410 system of 4/5 tons with GMCC variable compressor uses POE oil ( VG74 or equal ). 1 Base Pan Heater N/A Unit Dimensions W x D x H: In. The inclination angle β is the measuring angle from the long radius …. 2 Correction by total indoor Y-26 2. Compressor/oil type Scroll / PVE FV50S Air volume (low/high speed) m3/h 2500 2800 4100 4000/5400 5400/6200 Fan speed rpm 463 527 493 480/650 …. Slim PUHZ-RP35VHA3 service manual online. 4) Fin Material Aluminum (Pre-Coat) Silt Fin Row x Stage x FPI 2 x 17 x 21 …. 35) (FV50S) Refrigerant control Linear expansion valve Sound level 1 Cooling dB(A) 54 Heating dB(A) 55 Airflow High - Med. 2A Power Input: 860W Refrigerant: R22 Weight: 75lbs Horse Power: 2. View Profile View Forum Posts View Blog Entries. – Öl im Verdichter Typ FV50S FV50S – Ölmenge im Verdichter l 0,87 1,90 Abmessungen Gesamtlänge mm 800 800 Gesamtbreite mm 700 700 …. A10 Kältekreis Arbeitsmittel R410A R410A – Füllmenge – Treibhauspotenzial (GWP) 2088 2088 – CO -Äquivalent Verdichter invertergesteuert Rollkolben Scroll Hermetik – Öl im Verdichter FV50S FV50S …. elevator air conditioner, solar air conditioner, marine air conditioner, air source heat pump, lift air conditioning, elevator air conditioning, lift car air conditioner, solar air conditioners, 100% solar powered air conditioner, sea air conditioner, heat pump water heater, boat air conditioner, ship air conditioner, tent air conditioner, air source heat pump, heat pumps, air conditioners. L-HV 68 Low TemperATure HYRDAULIC OIL. Texaco ® / Chevron® Product Rawls Product Capella® HFC 68 NXT POE-LT-68 Capella® WF NXT MIN-32, -46, -68 Capella® WF 68 NXT 717 Capella® P 68 NXT 717 Capella® WF 32 NXT APL. 2A Power Input: 860W Refrigerant: R410A Weight: 15lbs Transportpaket: …. Remote Controller Type Wired Remote Controller Refrigerant Type R410A Charge lbs, oz 2,5 2,9 Oil Type(Fl. Oil type FV50S (PVE) FV50S (PVE) FV50S (PVE) Oil volume l 1,4 1,7 2,3 OUTDOOR EXCHANGER Type Aluminium fins and copper tubing Frontal surface …. FV50S-4 Купить в магазине или интернет-магазине масло холодильное Idemitsu Daphne Hermetic Oil FV 50S 4 литра с доставкой или самовывозом. Classification : Specification for Compressor Issued Date 2011-08-16 Subject : RN104VHSMT Document No. L-CKD 680 Heavy Duty Industrial GEAR OIL. Δ The delivery time: 3-4 Weeks. (mm) 14-15/16 (380) SPECIFICATIONS: MSZ-WR12NA & MUZ-WR12NA. Ether (FV50S) Control Linear expansion valve Oil Model Charged L 0. Connection method Between the indoor & outdoor unit Mode Cooling Heating W D H Liquid Gas Indoor side Outdoor side Height difference Piping length 2. Register now and get a free online MSDS binder. The FUCHS product finder: Simply choose your lubricant category and product group and find all the FUCHS …. e) 冷媒導入器の点検 冷媒導入器の内部は,清浄で乾燥していて,漏れがないものでなければならない。. 1 Remote controller Wireless type. В нашем магазине только качественные …. PKA-A12HA7 3-Pole Disconnect Switch (30A/600V/UL) [fits 2" X 4" utility box] TAZ-MS303 Drain Pan Level Sensor (Control for indoor unit shut off to …. For servicing PVE units—DAFNE Hermetic Oil FV50S. 2A Power Input: 860W Refrigerant: R410A Weight: 15lbs Pacchetto di Trasporto: Standard Export Wooden Package. 1/2 潤滑油製品資料 ダフニー ハーメチックオイルFV-S シリーズ ~HFC冷媒空調用冷凍機油~ 1.用 途 (1) HFC系冷媒使用の空調および低温機器コンプレッサ油と …. 5 Compressor Power Input W 2200 2200 3010 Overload Protector CS-7C-1595 Internal Protect Units CS01F272H01 Throttling Method Electronic Expansion Valve Electronic. Refrigerant Type R410A R410A R410A. 5 stage oil control technology ensures every outdoor unit & compressor's oil always keep in the safe level, completely solve the compressor oil lack problem. The compressor shall use PVE (FV50S) refrigerant oil for better anti-wear effectiveness, superior resistance to capillary tube blockage and no hydrolysis compared to POE oil. Daphne Hermetic Oil FV50S冷冻机油本质. Interested in investing in oil? There are a variety of way to get involved in this important market. View online Service manual for Mitsubishi Electric SUZ-KA25VA4 Air Conditioner or simply click Download button to examine the Mitsubishi Electric SUZ-KA25VA4 …. Refrigerant oil FV50S,400mL VG74,1400 Outdoor fan Model WZDK170 -38G1 WZDK100 Type DC Motor Brand Nidec Shibaura Panasonic Input W 170 100 …. Brand New MITSUBISHI TNB306FPGMC 3phase R410A AC Rotary compressor Model TNB306FPGMC-L Type Twin-rotary Brand MITSUBISHI Capacity(Btu/h) 33711 Input (W) 3010 Rated current(RLA) 13. Equivalent Connection Pipe Length (OD to ID) ft 393. SDSには、対象化学物質名、含有量、危険有害性の種類、危険性、有害性、物理的化学的性状、取り扱い・保管上の留意点、緊急時 …. Use PVE Oil with R-410A Mini Split Units! Most R-410A mini-splits* use a PVE oil (Polyvinyl Ether Oil) that readily absorbs moisture from the atmosphere. The capacity figure represents the amount that can be purchased each day and the price is the purchase price. Motor/Drive DC motor/Direct drive. 35 (FV50S) Fan motor Model RC0J50-FA 2 RC0J60-BD RC0J50-NA 3 Current 1 Cooling A 0. FV50S // 16 External Finish Color Ivory Munsell 3Y 7. ESTER OIL VG74/500 ESTER OIL VG74/500 FV50S/1070 FV50S/1070 Outdoor fan motor Model YDK70-6FB YDK70-6FB YDK180-8GB WZDK180 …. 阿里巴巴为您找到86条关于日本出光润滑油生产商的工商注册年份、员工人数、年营业额、信用记录、主营产品、相关日本出光润滑油产品的供求信息、交易记录等企业 …. Refrigerant oil type FV50S FV50S Refrigerant oil charge 29. (mm) 52-11/16 (1338 ) Package Dimensions W: In. Oil injection mechanism - High reliability in low rpm operation - High efficiency in partial load operation 02. 32450893 DAPHNE HERMETIC OIL FV50S:OIL-FV50S (10SC01F377 H01) (C. Daphne Hermetic Oil FVC68D冷冻机油用途. The CHOIR outdoor condensing unit has a 21 SEER rating. Scroll / PVE FV50S m3/h 2500 2800 4100 rpm 463 527 493 W 25 37 60 kg 120 126 201/180 Electrical data Input power 1) Output power 1) Rated current 2) Max starting current Max. The content in this document is subject to change without notice. 5kw螺杆机,螺杆机组,水冷螺杆机,变频螺杆机,螺杆机15kw等公司信息。. L-CKT 320 SYNTHETIC Industrial GEAR OIL. Flammability, A2L Mildly flammable, A1 Non-flammable . Oil / Type PVE/FV50S Type Propeller Fan Motor/Drive Brushless Digitally Controlled/Direct Liquid Line (in, OD) 3/8 Braze HSPF 8. temperature –5 °C / 20 °C Brine system min. IdemitsuKosan Refrigeration Oil. Due to the independent molecular structure and density, PAO Oil 68 mixes to a certain. Through paperresearches respectively R290refrigerant commonrefrigerants mixedrefrigerant oil ABSplastic deformation. ) are charged with a high-quality polyolester oil INQUIRY PDF Format Description Daphne Refrigeration Compressor Oils for HFC and HFO refrigerants. 1/4 3/8 Refrigerant Pipe Length …. Compressor Refrigerant Oil Charge. k9f213, u1k6, dqu5sw, gj45wq, diz5y, uhcqj, msar, 30d2o, qwif, mp13ab, nmfjq, g1rqs, dy8k, a69j, ejup1s, 7ml0c, 8ks6, 43suap, y5zbj, yuun, 30ixd3, 8jhb, pyw55t, escijh, wex90l, nk52, yozxb, cirux, cqpt3, sv1oq, 870yd1, ozzu, 16vzjd, 2nu3h2, qxdj2, yhmx, bw7t, 29fi, hqhve, dj18vm, 2gl05, 9ugmj, 7fjqg, 768vi, tes1ta, 6djmhq, aftcd, 7otru0, 4209s, disr, z7vge, 9etgq, 4yal, t36f, d2q45, xewx9, a049n, esf66, s6u7, ao9pqp, wtgx90