Flexget DelugeGitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets. 25 This tells FlexGet that we will be using the Deluge bittorrent client. However, I run FlexGet using the "deluge" user. Flexget & Deluge on Ubuntu · Automatically download new episodes of tv shows you have watchlisted on your trakt. connect() call_retry(client, 'core. sudo systemctl enable deluge-web. FlexGet은 RSS 등 각종 Input 소스를 분석하여, Filter 부합하는 파일을 transmission-bt, deluge 등 토렌트 프로그램으로 자동 다운로드 해주는 . inexistence 脚本安装完后的 Flexget 后默认不启用 RSS 功能. This is one of the best rssfetcher i've used so i thought i would show how to use it. Running FlexGet as the “deluge” user. FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, NZBs, podcasts, comics, series, Deluge for it to download. This Is An Example Of A Default Flexget Transmission Config File. So Deluge will automatically start downloading the torrents once the torrent files have been downloaded by FlexGet. I looked into flexget but did not the feed part, will stay with TED or move to sick beard + coach potato + usenet. What I'm after is using showrss to pick out my favourite shows and create the appropriate rss feed, and for flexget to pull these shows, make deluge (torrent client) download the tv shows, then for flexget to organise these shows into the appropriate season. The account running the Daemon is in a group with write access to the Move Completed Destination, and I can browse to that. On Windows and Linux: Click Edit > Preferences. i cant get it to work lol) the flexget plugin to be installed in the deluge webui. Web Interface A brand new web interface is being developed to help with configuration and settings. 新手最好在 SSH 或者 WebUI 下编辑 Flexget 配置文件;在 Windows 下也不要用系统自带的记事本编辑,容易出错(换行问题之类的). Perhaps your only real alternative is to use a torrent client with built in RSS features (qBittorrent, ruTorrent, Deluge, etc. app on macOS (instead of needing to have the deluge package and all of its dependencies installed in site-packages ). Testing your FlexGet config file. However if the Python versions on the local machine and. Prior to this I had a recent version of flexget and Deluge 1. FlexGet Deluge Downloads content from entry URL and loads it into the deluge bittorrent client. I will delete my Dockhub/Github Repositories for this Docker in about a month, please migrate to Binhex-delugevpn and you need Flexget then use this template. Text search Place a | in between expressions to get one of them in results, e. I have no firewall setup so I don't see what the issue is. If I was wanting to mount nextcloud-data, I would use: pvc-cd84394b-7812-43c3-a6d9-1a5693592cbe. So basically FlexGet will now allow you to specify where deluge will download the torrent to, along with other per torrent options like ratio, label, queuetotop, etc. Note The Username And Password Are The Default Ones For Transmissionrpc. Deluge Privoxy OpenVPN WireGuard. 12 which came with either libtorrent 1. ) It supports tight integration with deluge, such as setting download location per torrent and even renaming the main file within the torrent to your standards. TV shows are downloaded in 720p x264 hdtv or webdl or webrip quality. Posted October 11, 2021 (edited) Overview: Support for Flexget Template. You can specify the title and link for each item in the RSS feed. Now it’s just a single command: sudo pip install flexget. 发表日期:2021-04-13 马春杰杰 来源: GitHub 分类: PT相关 评论 (13) 本文内容有更新,最后修改日期为:2021年4月15日. Configure FlexGet for ShowRSS? - skunkfu - 2010-11-05 Hey guys, I'm hoping for anyone with experience in using flexget for there needs. 使用原则,能用deluge的站坚决用deluge刷,不能用的利用UT监视flexget抓取的种子目录 6 设置脚本vbs自动隐藏flexget启动时的dos窗口 Set ws = CreateObject("Wscript. FlexGet is a multi-purpose automation tool for all your media. To install them, please run: pip install deluge-client. It has been designed using the client server model with a daemon process that handles all the bittorrent activity. Up to you, but I created a separate OSX user for deluge to run as, I called it deluge; Download and Install Macports (yes, I prefer homebrew also, but, there is no recipe) Download and Install XQuartz; Install Deluge. It uses libtorrent in its backend and features multiple user-interfaces including: GTK+, web and console. Edited October 11, 2021 by Paul_Ber. Name Revision Message Date; Loading file history Compare Revisions. Movies are downloaded in 720p or 1080p x264 bdrip quality. Running FlexGet as the "deluge" user. Mainly used to add new torrents to deluge, but can also be used to pause/resume/remove torrents already loaded in deluge. cpoppema#35: Replace deluge system package with deluge_client python package. FlexGet is extremely useful in conjunction with applications which have watch directory support. To install Sonarr using Docker, you will first need to grab the latest 2. ('The read operation timed out',) Steps to reproduce: Run flexget with deluge plugin enabled against Deluge 2. Provides entry size information when dealing with nzb files. For this to happen, you need to add the following entry to the config. I've tried moving the deluge configuration egg into flexget's copy of the python site-lib and then it eventually complains that gobject isn't found. Search: Radarr Check For Finished Download. I'm going to use deluge with FlexGet. config/deluge/auth in my case) and adding a new user there:. FlexGet FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for all of your media with support for torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, TV, movies, RSS, HTML, CSV, and more. FlexGet - The official FlexGet repository. · Automatically download movies you . FlexGet Flexget & Deluge on Ubuntu The following is a comprehensive guide on how to setup an ubuntu seedbox/vps with flexget and deluge. So, for our first post in 2014, we’ll talk about one of my favourite tools: FlexGet. @qvazzler: or rather, leave it to the config schema validation thingy. yml to control where filenames and directory of output from deluge. 马春杰杰博客始建于2017年6月14日,博客主要分享网站建设中遇到的问题及解决方案、自己在读书过程中的心得体会及分享一些自觉有意义的音视频内容,记录些生活中的琐事,希望博客能督促怠惰的自己不断学习,不断进步。. FlexRSS is a Deluge plugin for automatically handling RSS feeds. deluge from linuxserver with added flexget. Flexget appears to be doing it's thing correctly (see first log extract) Connecting the Deluge GUI to the Daemon and selecting the "options" tab, I can see the correct "Move compelted" path is set (and the button checked). Ok, so after all of that configuring, let's see how it goes. yml" you can setup a password like this: flexget -c. 上一次購買fh的盒子使用的是Transmission+flexget的組合,但是在使用獨服一會後發現deluge+ltconfig的性能着實強大,所以近期購入飯盒的ssd盒子並準備 . The archlinuxarm repo still has the old 1. The fields should be enumerated in a list. Media Full series and movie support with automatic scheduling, searching, downloading and even sorting in some cases. Deluge is a full-featured BitTorrent client for Linux, OS X, Unix and Windows. FlexGet is also able to connect with deluge using deluge-client, which can be installed in this container, replacing the transmission plugin. I haven't tried flexget but not all plugins work in the daemon+WebUI mode. Expected 88 from C header, got 80 from PyObject 最后修改日期:2022年5月2日 评论(0); 如何批量删除VOC数据集中某个类别 最后修改日期:2022年5月1日 评论(0); 一些机器视觉领域常用的期刊或者会议的缩写-持续更新 最后修改日期:2022年4月. Getting started Install the FlexGet app via your Box page. @FlexGet-Bot: `gazpachoking` Nice. Does it need to be done through the GUI? I've also got flexget – possibly I could use that to do this task?. I have a lifetime subscription. I've installed flexget but when I try to run it, after modifying my configuration, it complains that deluge. Add the torrents directly to deluge, supporting custom save paths. yml This file contains bidirectional Unicode text that may be interpreted or compiled differently than what appears below. I've installed deluge before too and it was ok. You really want to be running deluge in a jail and not on the main . Let's assume for the sake of a simpler guide, that you already configured your home server hardware, and you already installed the operating system (though, if you haven't yet, you could go with one of our guides, and for example, learn how to install Ubuntu 16. Restarting our Raspberry Pi will allow us to test that our services are running as they should be. I've managed to get flexget working, however I'm still using transmission to do the downloading (getting flexget to drop the downloaded torrent files into the transmission watch folder kicks off the downloads nicely, but the problem is I can't control them once the downloads start - e. Improvements made: Replaced Serviio with Emby. Ниже я опишу на собственном примере реализацию автоматической качалки торрентов с Lostfilm-а пр помощи FlexGet и Deluge. My flexget runs in a debian jail, since all the bsd flexget packages are currently broken. The configuration file that FlexGet uses is. x + webui + Flexget - headless on Ubuntu Server. We have used some of these posts to build our list of alternatives and similar projects. Alien BOB's Slackware Linux and Slackware based projects mirror site. Are you running flexget on the same machine and as the same user as deluge? If so, just leave all the credentials out (username, pass, host, port) of the flexget config and it should work. @qvazzler: oops, can't remove it anymore :P. Expected behaviour: Torrents uploaded to local Deluge 2. Once you have learnt how to use FlexGet, you may want to integrate it with other applications to expand on its capabilities and unlock neat features. An alternative yaml syntax for multi-line strings without quotes is used here. Deluge will download them to the folder . I have my flexget config that given some RSS feeds, matches the torrents I want and loads them into deluge. Create entries for torrents in the deluge session. The item link can be created from one of a list of fields in the input entry, in order of preference. Even su deluge -c "touch /var/lib/deluge/. Use deluge as the client for automatically downloading matched torrents. FlexGet Setup Guide: Integrate FlexGet with other applications. I think it's because of '#AUR#' in 'depends'. Then use /home/flexget for DB and config yml files. the home directory for the deluge user is in /var/lib/deluge. If you can find out how this is done, please let me know and I can write it in. There is also flexget, our deluge guy also has scripting for autodl, feeds the torrent directly to deluge-console, bypasses the poll lag of using a watch folder. Flexget 配置文件遵循 YAML 格式,请注意空格和缩进 3. Not sure if an alternative exists. i might be misunderstanding that. Hey guys, I'm hoping for anyone with experience in using flexget for there needs. ndarray size changed, may indicate binary incompatibility. I cannot get to the Flexget piece with or without passing 3539 to the container or not. The Web UI is protected by a login, you need to either set the WEB_PASSWD environment variable or setup a user after starting this docker: Connect with the running docker: docker exec -it flexget bash. LAST UPDATED: 7 th February 2017 TESTED ON: Ubuntu 16. If there are additional packages you may want to install, create bash script with any name under /config/custom-cont-init. 1', 58846, 'username', 'password', automatic_reconnect=True) # The client has to be online when you start the process, # otherwise you must handle that yourself. hey thanks for this, However I have already done this I use these variables in my config. Mainly used to add new torrents to deluge, but can also be used to pause/resume/remove torrents already . com and send every new match it finds to Deluge. Site Integration Manage and track your series and/or movies directly from trakt. This number is finer grained than the version number in badges. FlexGet Deluge Input Plugin This plugin creates an entry for each torrent that is currently loaded in Deluge (with optional filters. Here is an example of a dummy guide using variables instead of actual values: tasks: task1: rss: feed_URL series: - series_name deluge: . 新手最好在 SSH 或者 WebUI (WebUI如何开启见后文)下编辑 Flexget 配置文件;在 Windows 下也不要用系统自带的记事本编辑,容易出错(换行问题之类的) 2. However, see Flexget's wiki page on the Deluge plugin if you do need to use authentication as well as Deluge's wiki page on setting up remote authentication for the daemon / clients. We use more of the jinja2 features to format the name depending on whether a. i want to know leastversion default 'username'. Flexget successfully adds the torrents to Deluge, and if I log onto the web interface for Deluge (Deluge is running in daemon mode) I can see that they are there, problem is, when they are finished, they don't get moved to the correct location afterwards. Full Encryption WebUI Plugin System Much more FlexGet is a multi-purpose automation tool for all your media. I know I must be missing something simple but I don't know what it is. I prefer to have Deluge running as a daemon, which causes me some difficulty, as I cannot simply download deluge. Ok thanks I understand now, since I installed on Linux previously I missed the Flexget Deluge plugin note about windows. d, for example, #!/usr/bin/with-contenv bash apk add -q --no-cache pip install. Simplify installing libtorrent-rasterbar (no. Posted June 3rd, 2019 1691 0 Flexget rssfeeds trakt. Feature highlights Usenet clients Integrates with SABnzbd, and nzbget directly, and others via watchdirs. Finally, we need to restart our Raspberry Pi Deluge setup by running the following command. Install pip3 and Flexget (for Focal Fossa 20. Firstly switch the working folder: cd / To run the FlexGet script we’ve just created type the following: sudo -H -u deluge flexget execute. I currently have a stable, properly running system (though I haven't restarted yet) and wanted to share my progress for those interested. Docker build script for Arch Linux base with Deluge, Privoxy and OpenVPN. As you may have seen in some of my previous posts, I love this thingy; but up to now, I’d never attempted downloading podcasts with it. As for running flexget, you shouldn't need to do any authentication, as it will natively try to use deluge's localhost authentication which should work. Being in a separate jail from the actual torrent client, flexget writes to a blackhole. Torrents, NZBs Podcasts Comics, TV, Movies RSS, HTML, CSV and more Usage. stop the downloads once I reach a certain seeding ratio. 0, Flexget supports only Python 3. When comparing qBittorrent vs Deluge, the Slant community recommends qBittorrent for most people. This plugin requires additional Python libraries. feel free to change " djnitehawk " to whatever you like. I used to have a virtualenv for flexget, but then that deluge thing started to bug me too much Or Carmi. Now let’s create the working area which FlexGet will use: sudo -u deluge mkdir /var/lib/deluge/. I want to setup flexget with deluge. Install pip: Code: Select all sudo apt-get install python-pip. To review, open the file in an editor that reveals hidden Unicode characters. You need to export the IMDb list CSV and then generate the folders for each item. Enhanced my Flexget setup considerably with new private trackers, variables. flexget 硬是没有看懂,操作成功过。。。 Debian10/Ubuntu Deluge一键安装脚本/中文Web UI汉化https://www. Transmission lives in another plugin jail. This plugin makes FlexGet work with Deluge. Now we know that Deluge is expecting user "localclient" with password "dd620e1a1 1d525e6c bb5962a05f2f01d525e6cfe" on the remote connection. Daemon Mode You can run FlexGet in daemon mode, and handle scheduling directly in your FlexGet config. The plugin needs to change root user to a flexget new created user. @liiight: So merge when you think it's ready. Contribute to Flexget/Flexget development by creating an account on GitHub. After finding which PVC you would like to mount, copy the far right column (The Volume) that starts with pvc- into a notepad for use in the next command. tripcode|email to locate posts that contain either the word tripcode or email in them. By working through this guide, you can have an automated torrenting setup with the following features: Automatically download new episodes of tv shows you have watchlisted on your trakt. FlexGet Deluge Manages torrents within the deluge bittorrent client. Stars - the number of stars that a project has on GitHub. In Proxy settings, configure the following options for Peer , Web Seed , Tracker , and DHT sections:. x or newer releases see FlexGet or YaRSS2. If not, johnnyg is correct, you need to add an user to your auth file and use that information in the flexget config. Then, it will run every container start. sickbeard, sabnzbd, couchpotato all do the same. content_filename: This will cause the largest file inside the torrent (the actual show) to be renamed to our naming standard. Can't think of anything else right now, i don't have too much time to test it maybe in the night. Torrent clients Integrates with Deluge, and Transmission directly, and other clients like rTorrent and via watchdirs. This is a LOT easier than it used to be. dowloading tv shows automatically and before I've did that with a linux server running deluge and flexget. Creates a list of FlexGet entries from items . Get a 1 year Newshosting account + 60 connections + free newsreader with. Warn and exit when setting password failed due to a weak password. service” now created, let’s go ahead and enable it by running the command below. ) It is useful for learning items you have manually added to Deluge into your FlexGet database, or changing settings (or renaming, moving) of torrents currently running in Deluge. Tiny project that allows manual downloading of movie magnet links through a web ui into flexget and deluge. Write your FlexGet configuration file It's time to tell FlexGet which shows we want it to download, where to save them, and how it must connect to Deluge. Deluge will download them to the folder specified on line 26 and once complete will be moved to the relevant move_completed_path folders. On macOS: Click Deluge (in the menu bar) > Preferences. Added Deluge version sourcing in Flexget load path so that Deluge plugin might work. When running the Deluge daemon, deluged and Deluge client on a separate computers, the plugin must be installed on both machines. on_connect_success(result, task, config). 桌面 端qb有rss下载功能,但是 服务器 端没有,另外 Deluge 和 transmission 也没有 RSS 功能,今天试了下 flexget ,确实很好用,目前网上分享的教程貌似对新版 flexget 不. Also, python2 does not need to be listed in 'depends'. Cron is a slight PITA in debian jails, cause there is no cron. The most important reason people chose qBittorrent is:. FlexGet is an automation program which can be used to automatically download torrents (among other things. Use multiple rss feeds as inputs for each task for redundancy. The deluge user is the username the Deluge daemon runs under (assuming of course that you've installed Deluge following my guide). 本文将分享一个安装纯净版Ubuntu & Deluge的教程。 01. Which is the best alternative to deluge-extractor? Based on common mentions it is: Unpackerr, FlexGet, Tixati-python-api-cli, Nyaa, Tribler or Tobbez/Deluge_exporter. Press "Configuration manager" once the app is installed. The Deluge daemon is able to run on headless. deluge默认是没有rss功能的。大家有2个方式让deluge自动下载的:第一个方式是rt+de,也就是rt接受RSS信息,然后把信息传送给deluge,然后deluge再下载。第二个方式是用第三方插件,就是flexget。我的seedbox是ubuntu11. cpoppema#32: Update dependencies for deluge. All this I've got from this website *great tutorial for how . r/flexget: FlexGet is a multipurpose automation tool for content like torrents, nzbs, podcasts, comics, series, movies, etc. The official FlexGet repository. I have a certain number of audio and video podcasts that I like to follow, for information or for fun. The flexget deluge plugin requires a username. Growth - month over month growth in stars. Flexget - Deluge IMDB Post by Makah » Fri Jun 07, 2013 7:34 pm I tried to find a good config file that works fine with IMDB and Deluge, but i'm not able to find. add_to_deluge11 (task, config) ¶ Add torrents to deluge using deluge 1. tv imdb thetvdb deluge rtorrent utorrent sabnzb swiss-army-knife 7 While it's not exactly a tool for beginners, FlexGet provides a lot of useful functionality for automating downloads of many kinds, a real swiss army knife. client import client After testing with the above import command these were the steps that seemed required: 1. Select Proxy from the category menu on the left. 保存、退出,之后可以在 WebUI 中看 Log 来判断 Flexget 是否有在正常工作,或者在 SSH 中输入 flexget status 查看状态 如果使用docker的flexget则可以使用一下方式. Run the following command to find the full path to your applications PVC. However, Flexget is not able to find the Deluge plugin: 2017-08-21 11:53 CRITICAL task TaskName Plugin `deluge` cannot be used because dependency `deluge` is missing. (EDIT: Now includes features like automatically sorting series/seasons into their own folders, and renaming series/movies to your naming standard. com, and saves them along with the movie information in a temporary file. In the question “What are the best Torrent clients?” qBittorrent is ranked 1st while Deluge is ranked 2nd. Receive push notifications via pushbullet for each torrent added to deluge. Works perfect but TED does not run headless, I have to fake it by starting minimized in the xbmcLive x-session. Create the FlexGet working area Often scripts and applications are run as the default Ubuntu User. In this video, at 24:04, the narrator says: "now if we used a different node image that was based on a different distribution of linux we would end up with a larger image and then when deploying that image we would have to transfer that image from one computer to another, so that's why we used Node with Alpine Linux because it is a very small image". Place a -before a word to exclude posts containing that word: -tripcode Place quotes around phrases to find pages containing the phrase: "I am a filthy tripcode user". If your configuration file is named "config. Flexget 配置文件遵循 YAML 格式,请注意空格和缩进. a separate docker by paulpoco that allows (i think. 2版之后就没有官方的RSS 插件了,需要借助第三方的Flexget 来实现。Flexget官网有非常详细的教程,但都是英文 . Project consists of a php page (magnet. The python command on this page to check dependencies is incorrect as it should be: from deluge. cpoppema#32: py-attrs has been moved from edge/community to edge/main. on_connect_success (result, task, config) ¶ Gets called when successfully connected to a daemon. We have three examples for you, and you can find them in the tutorials below: Integrate FlexGet and Couchpotato for automatic downloads. To get started, simply add: web_server: yes. Client Integration Directly integrates with Deluge, transmission, uTorrent, rTorrent, SABnzb and more. If you are installing to a virtualenv, you have to create the virtualenv with the --system-site-packages option so the deluge package can be found. It is designed for advanced users, and makes few sacrifices of power and flexibility to ease of use. here is the test flexget config. Activity is a relative number indicating how actively a project is being developed. either way, i can only get the docker up and running, but cant figure out how/where flexget is supposed to fit in haha. php) that accepts magnet link requests, translates them to torrent file links through torrage. Recent commits have higher weight than older ones. An auto updating FlexGet container forked from https://github. on_task_modify (task, config) ¶ The downloaded file is accessible in modify phase. Emby is better than Serviio by a long way, and continuously improved. FlexGet uses YAML for configuration. 参考GitHub大神的项目,不过目前大佬好像不更新了,我只用它rss皇后的免费种,不过貌似有点问题,还好有另一位大佬解决. Further to my post back in 2014 about creating your own automated media centre, I’ve improved on a few aspects of this. So basically FlexGet will now allow you to specify where deluge will download the torrent to, along with other per torrent options like ratio, . once you log in to your seedbox / vps for the first time with your root account, go ahead and create a new user called " djnitehawk " with the following commands. Update: October 10, 2021 no longer a 2 in 1 container. The last one was on 2021-08-24. SABnzbd , and nzbget directly, and others via watchdirs. 0 server Actual behaviour: Crashes with SSLError: ('The read operation timed out',) Steps to reproduce: Run flexget with deluge plugin enabled against Deluge 2. We now want to download and install FlexGet itself. What I'm after is using showrss to pick out my favourite shows and create the appropriate rss feed, and for flexget to pull these shows, make deluge (torrent client) download the tv shows, then for flexget to organise these shows into the appropriate season folders. run "C:\Python26\Scripts\flexget. Output to Deluge with far greater controls, including labels and auto sorting you can get Flexget to read a folder and do the move as when you normally do it with Flexget you pass the arguments to deluge rather than Flexget doing the move for you. Posts with mentions or reviews of autoremove-torrents. Integrates with Small Deluge icon Deluge , and Small Transmission icon Transmission . Exporting data from database to CSV files is a common task of any software applications. 15 Flexget & Deluge Setup on Ubuntu Server. Firstly you will have to install if you dont already have it Install Flexget I recommend waiting with the scheduling untill you know you have a workiing config. FlexGet Setup Guide: the basics. I rebuilt the container and the deluge piece is now working as expected. With this syntax each newline in the string becomes a space. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Manages torrents within the deluge bittorrent client. I solved it by locating the deluged "auth" file ( /var/lib/deluge/. I've been installing and uninstalling Deluge for a few days now, trying to get the right combination of items to get Deluge and FlexGet running properly on a Windows machine (Windows 7). I will have to modifiy some code on site-packaes on flexget, only latest versions of flexget comes ready to export from https sites, and I need it. These parameters are separated by a colon an. This should bring you to a code editor where you can edit your config. deluge: /home/SCRIPTUSERNAME/deluge/download/ Flexget插件,增强对NexusPHP的过滤过滤条件包括种子优惠信息(free等)、做种者情况、下载者 . 'pacaur -Si flexget' or 'yaourt -Si flexget' does not display all the properties or displays syntax errors. The item title can be any pattern that references fields in the input entry. yml file on your FlexGet installation: transmission: host: localhost port: 9091 username: myusername password: mypassword. 第一个方式是rt+de,也就是rt接受RSS信息,然后把信息传送给deluge,然后deluge再下载。 第二个方式是用第三方插件,就是flexget。 我的seedbox是ubuntu11 . Flexget integrates with deluge and tells it where to download the torrent but it seems I am unable to do this with the Download Station. get_torrents_status', {}, ['name']) # or if you have local Deluge instance, you can use the. through deluge-console on a remote client I get "connection refused" messages. Deluge is a lightweight, Free Software, cross-platform BitTorrent client. As I have mentioned already, we will use FlexGet with Transmission (there will be a guide for Deluge with FlexGet too, if your torrent . You can run through the FlexGet script in “test mode” to execute all parts of the script by specifying the –test parameter. Quote:sickbeard/flexget etc had one major problem; Rss feeds are unreliable I am using TED => deluge. Installing a plugin egg through the GTK client will copy the egg to both the local plugins directory, as well as the remote daemon's. 0 r 1108 both deluged and flexget are running on the same box, as the same user (user: deluge, pw deluge). @FlexGet-Bot: `Nikky` so there is no way to use deluge when updating flexget tp py3. shinysdr-docker - Docker build of debian, gnuradio and shinysdr with all plugins. The number of mentions indicates the total number of mentions that we've tracked plus the number of user suggested alternatives. flexget/test" does not work :/ – Pontek. It does this by modifying the system $PATH when the plugin is initialized to reference the deluge package that is contained within /Applications/Deluge. Needed to delete the existing container config file although not sure if that was a culprit or just a wonky build the first time. However when using the make_html: command and selecting a template the variables do not populate and the log files says they are undefined. My desired option would be for it to work as a buddies flexget setup works, flexget physically moves the file, and changes the name and directory within deluge - only 1 file exists, no links, and deluge has the correct naming per my naming conventions set up in sonarr (this is how the flexget implementation works). 016w, 5m55gm, 2g7ck, r8gt7v, e1zz, vx8bo, x5vrpq, t4vjxk, z70teh, 8ake31, bc7jhf, 4wg7j, ftwjs, 7avt9l, 3r2v5, gfola, pyyodx, llj7f, 1ph2, kechti, od23mv, 1b1q9, ae8wct, to9o, vueer, tqx186, a6pgzr, zlmxc, 38yzg2, 0ztifj, c980eh, fo0h, ozy1t, greh, cz69, s4ka, zeaa, 52ztc9, 0booz, e5qgp, 78kkz, 7h83, qh2w, agk1q, sa7di, l911b, s79q, wfemtb, 14dp, 07c4l