444 Marlin ForumI would mount a low power ( 2-7) scope. i forget exactly, but my 444 would go 1 1/2 - 2" at 100 yards (5 shots/bench) without dacron. For General Michigan Whitetail hunting is it necessary to have a scope on say a Marlin 444 Lever action rifle? Could I get away with Iron . The Marlin Glenfield Model 60 is an 18-round, tube-magazine fed, all metal and wood semi-automatic. Kaikki muotin ontelot ovat CNC-koneistettu vertaansa vailla pyöreys jaSaeco 4-Cavity Bullet Mold #444. It hasn't wiped out the idea of shopping in a visceral store, but it gave the consumers an vary means to shop and a greater than before shout out that offers 444 marlin for sale on GunsAmerica Buy a 444 marlin HORNADY 300 BLACKOUT CUSTOM GRADE 2-DIE SET Brownells Handguard Retaining Clip Pliers Archive - CMP Forums High Speed Gear Inc Battle. I was wondering if there are any 444 Marlin shooters out there, I have been trying to find a load for a 335gn hard cast bullet. The other barrel was a 35 Remington. I'm a 444 Marlin fan from way back. The only advice I can give is the 444 marlin should be loaded with the 265 grain hornady bullet only. The 444 Marlin | Marlin Firearms Forum The 444 Marlin Filters 1 2 3 … 160 Next Show Us Your 444's (Pics Included) Halwg Feb 4, 2009 41 42 43 844 245K Apr 6, 2022 by mulefan Team 444 Membership Rowdy Apr 14, 2009 85 86 87 2K 174K Mar 2, 2022 by Mr Fixit Tell Us About YOU VTDW Sep 12, 2006 13 14 15 284 69K Feb 3, 2022 by Finn03. 444, which further confuses things). I have a Handi Rifle and a Marlin 336 lever in 444 Marlin. My buddy originally swore by his. When introduced, the Model 444 had a 24 inch barrel, and in 1971, it was reduced to 22 inches, so your gun should be one of the last ones with a 24 inch barrel. 44 Steel Kawasaki KX 450 F 2010packaged50 cal bullet mold. A 1:20 is good as is the old 1:38, as long as it is not a micro-groove barrel but has the Balard style rifling; I have a 26" barrelled Winchester 94AE Big Bore in. 444 Marlin resident in my lever gun case. Just so you know, marlin made a. 444 Marlin should fit well for Ohio restrictions. It gives the 265 projectiles 2,400+ fps which gives one hello of a wallop on both ends. 444 cartridge and that it is a deadly game stopper, suitable for most North American big game. I will also give it occasional use in Canada . 444 leverguns include (left to right): an original Model 444 (1965) with high comb stock, straight-finger lever and a 24-inch barrel, a 1984 Model 444SS with a 22-inch barrel and curved-finger lever, a 1999 Model 444P with 18. Nice Wood , Bore is very bright with strong rifling. 45-70 lever guns, and will eventually get a. Introduced in 1965, the Model 444 was a standard Marlin 336 with a strengthened and enlarged action to handle the bruiser of a round. My goal is a 405 grain bullet at 1050 fps silenced as a short range quiet thumper round). 444 Marlin is a fine round, and one that is underestimated and overlooked by too many folks. Hornady makes a couple of 265 grain. Hello, and welcome from America. Sold the rifle last year so Will let the ammo got for $25/box. Does anyone have any load info for the older 444 marlins with the 1 in 38” twist barrel? Seems very limited if anyone has any pet loads . 444 Marlin is not a straight case. 8 gr L'Il Gun - first test-load) 2. 444 Marlin SJB358 Mar 11, 2022 Mar 11, 2022 #1 S SJB358 Ballistician Dec 24, 2006 31,223 367 Broke out the 444 today. I have the 444 marlin lever gun and . 444 Marlin load has a muzzle velocity that is almost 300 fps faster than a light 325-grain bullet in a. Never had one but I know a couple of guys that have had some experience with them. Every time I see a 444 Marlin I think of when I lived in WV for a while. Reloading does save you some money but be prepared to use a lot of powder if you want to shoot a lot. Actually I have been thinking I can drop that back to 8-10 grains and still hit that 1500 fps mark. I was messing around in the gun safe a little while ago and pulled out my. 24 thg 6, 2013 Hi I am new to this forum. 444marlin with 220 gr and 310 grain bullets over 13 grains of Red Dot. Marlin Model 1895 444 Marlin Lever-Action Rifle. Reactions: OBblackXT, orangejeep06, Taterhead and 1 other person. So yes, they did make the Model 444 in 1970 and it sold for $135. 240gr 444 = 2500fps - 180fps for the 6" chop = 2320fps. That load data is a good starting point, start low go from there, 444 Marlin, 45-70 lever loads are pretty much 1 trick ponies. 444 in O/U double rifles for stalking wild boar, which run 400 to 500 lbs in Europe, and are more dangerous than most black bears. Good morning / afternoon I hear Marlin are going to bring back the great. The cartridge, not the rifle, as far as I know. If you enjoy the forum please consider supporting it by signing up for a NES Membership The benefits pay for the membership many times over. I'm looking for some info on these big bore rifles for use in the UK to shoot Deer. Looking for an inexpensive, threaded, more than likely single shot rifle, fairly priced or trade. Marlin has long been the king of lever action rifles, and without a doubt the. Haven't fired it at any greater distance. To start I know this is not long range as you think of it. 410 shotgun sounds like the makings of a grenade that could hurt or kill you and innocent bystanders. Pistol bullets are too blunt and can cause high pressure because of being jammed in the rifling Wow that really limits the rifles potential. Most shots are 200 yards or less in the wooded areas, and not much longer in agriculture areas. (Unofficial motto of the Royal Air Force). 45-70 load, it generates more energy out to 300 yards and when sighted in three inches high at 100 yards, drops around three inches less at 200 yards than the. 444 Marlin would do well in Africa, especially on the dangerous beasties. 444 is far greater and usually much cheaper. it would go 3/4 - 1" at 100 yards (5 shots/bench) with dacron. 444 and would like a single shot rifle in the same caliber, but don't like the Contender rifle stocks. at least 6" difference! As I remember. I thought of the round when I saw police officers entering a building with AR 15s and shotguns. 30-30, serial number C2231, with 15-inch barrel. So a pound of powder will only make about 170 rounds. Ammunition can be had at Graf for reasonable money, call it ~$35 a box. Only potential issues in Africa are its range limitations and making sure that you are using a tough enough bullet to penetrate. Register Log In Home Forums Trapper Talk. 444 Marlin bullets available when it was introduced were too light and got bad reports on game. My Marlin 444 is a new one, so I am still exploring the loads for it. Lee 444 Marlin Factory Crimp Die. The buyer agrees not to commit Defamation, Libel or slander against us in any public or private forums. 7 boxes are Remington 240gr soft point and 1 box is Cor Bon 302gr. I have been wondering lately if a Marlin 444. 444 Marlin in the mix since this is a dedicated AR platform forum I am having quite the . 45LC (14,000psi) without splitting until the case expands to the dimensions of the Judge's cylinder. We discuss most anything here other than . This led to folks concluding the older Marlins would not shoot cast bullets. Historically some folks have had difficulty shooting cast bullets from the microgroove barrels. Shot minute of deer at 100 yards. 22lr (before serial numbers) Model: 336W. 410 Bore (13,000-13,600psi) and/or. This cast lead bullet is the old standby for the 357 Magnum and 38 Special. The 44 Magnum and 45 Colt are 125 yard rifles. Trail boss is good but seems a bit on the expensive side to me. IMO the 444 has too much velocity in close for the 300 XTP. A good decelerator pad on the Marlin rifle goes a long way towards making the. 444 Marlin tecumseh Sep 14, 2017 Sep 14, 2017 #1 T tecumseh Handloader Oct 20, 2010 837 0 Got rained out and checked the 444 Marlin this afternoon for our gun season. 444 Marlin loads usually call for the faster rifle powders, 4198 & similar. It's a pretty good shooter at 50 yds. The shooter wasn’t as good as I remember but it was still zeroed. As a medium game cartridge loaded with a fast expanding 240 grain projectile loaded to 2450fps, the. 444 is 44,000 cup and the pressure of a. The design is for the 44 magnum and the carbine rifles associated with the revolver/rifle combination concept. At 100 yards the figures are 1913 fps and 2153 ft. I did have to thin down their case-heads by . Kimber 1911 Pro Carry II 40 S&W, Sig P232 380 acp,S&W 1911 45 Acp, Browning Hi-Power 9mm. I couldn't find any Magtech cases for love nor money, so I bought. I very recently got in a CVA Scout in 444 Marlin caliber and much to my surprise it's shooting MOA with the first reloads I've loaded for it. Chronied some loads in my 72 vintage 444s yesterday even though its on the exchange forum currently for sale. Check one of the auction sites for the a NIB (New in Box) that has sold recently and was made in the same year or close to it. I have 2 336 pre safety marlin 35's and a Remington 760 pump a 141 pump a 14 pump and a savage 170 pump all in 35 rem. They have a forum listed just for the 444 Marlin if you scroll down. Click the sign-in button at the top right of the forums page to get connected. I found 5 rounds hiding in a drawer from some years back. Over-powder wad (cut from cardboard with a cheap 7/16" punch from HF - this lessens the amount of gas bypassing the shot-cup to cause a blooper) and pushed down firmly with a 3/8" wooden dowel. nu Själv har jag en Marlin 444p i denna kaliber, och syftet med Då blir jag medlem nr 2, har haft 2 st 444 Marlin. His doc won't let him shoot a rifle anymore. I have read you can use for brass 410 shotgun shells. I looked into this a number of years ago. The Marlin Model 444 was introduced in 1965. I don't care to shoot more than about 5 rounds at a time out of either of them. 444, Kategorie: Langwaffen - Repetierer von ClassicGuns e. One of them said it kicks like the proverbial mule. Some posts on the Marlin Forums peaked my interest to make a light plinking lead load that would shoot. 45-70 fan, owning around 5-6 in different configurations, a couple are 1895's. I used standard 240gr Remington mfg 444 ammo. TThis picture is a representation of this item or a of group of items. 444 case has been shown to perform best with fast to medium burning rifle powders like H322, H335, and RL-7. Using 270gr Hornady spire points both barrels will shoot MOA. Just rough numbers from Hodgdon. Category: Marlin Lever Action Product ID: 1633. The new addition to the family of Marlin's The Marlin XL7® Boltaction Rifle. But have found that the trajectory arch is extremely high at 50 yds versus 25 yds. Have just found 8 boxes of Marlin 444 in my storage. The 444 max design pressure is 44,000 PSI Most bottleneck cartridges are designed to operate from 53,000 PSI to 65,000 PSI. Remington 700, 721, 725, Sauer 100/101, Bergara B14 Long Action Picatinny Rail 15 MOA SKU:40101 From. First introduced in 1948 by Marlin Firearms, the Marlin 336 is one of. My conclusion at that time was that the. Guru del forum Il 444 Marlin è un calibro eccellente per la braccata e la girata sul cinghiale, . I was at a local sporting goods store that was also a checking station. Looks like it'll beat the 44mag. that 300gr fn gc and 2400/dacron going 1624fps has killed some deer. 444 Marlin w/ its MicroGroove barrel. Don't shoot till you see the whites of their thighs. Search: Marlin 336 Ramline Stock. With short barrel velocity, 300-400 yards would be the ragged edge for the cartridge, maybe beyond the edge. Does anyone use them for their 410. #4 · Oct 26, 2014 (Edited) Only show this user. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, troubleshooting, accessories. 300gr 444 = 2050fps - 180fps for the 6" chop = 1870fps. 444 Marlin cartridge is a beefed-up version of the Model 336 rifle called, appropriately enough, the Model 444. I have 15" and 24" 375JDJ barrels that are very accurate. 444 w/rnd bl FEATURES : ;">-Fits Marlin 1895. Shot it a few times today and am impressed with it's accuracy. Should give more than 5 or 6 reloads per shell. 444 w/rnd bl FEATURES : -Fits Marlin 1895. 14”, featuring a steady taper, rather than utilizing the straight form of the parent case. This could lead to over expansion in cases and even rupture in high pressure loads. The 444 built a reputation as a hard hitting short range brush gun. GP Idaho posted this 15 February 2018. 444 bullets and this is why the separation occured. Also has a Caldwell bipod,and butler creek sling. The Remington 240g factory loads are plenty adequate and they produce about 21 ft/lbs of recoil in an 8# gun. 44 mag would, but that because the. Tests demonstrate that even bullets which have no crimp groove will shoot more accurately. Range pickup Saturday week ago gave me 17 good. Your shooting partners are mistaken. I realized that I have had that rifle since I was 16 . This is a high-class place so act respectable. with a few in the 48,000 Psi range. Register Log In Home Forums Lever Actions - General 444 marlin: Forums User List Calendar Active Threads Forum Help: Previous Thread: Next Thread : Print Thread: Hop To : 444 marlin #15107811 08/04/20: 444 marlin [Re: Ghostman] #15371526 11/02/20: Joined: Jul 2006. I just put a brand new vortex strike eagle 1-8x24 on last week. Dec 29, 2016 · I looked at cross-sections of the Marlin in 45-70 versus the Marlin in 444, and due to the much larger base diameter of the 45-70, there was a pretty big difference in the amount of. 009 over - powder card wad, 13 grains Hominy Grits and a 0. The 444 Marlin is one of my favorite rounds. I have a Marlin 444S (circa 1972) and a Marlin 1895G (circa 2003) in 45/70. At that time it was the most powerful lever-action cartridge on the planet. A LP primer function flawlessly at those operating pressures. 5 inches long and weighing just 7. 444 marlin load development? any info. This load, in my rifle, fires 3 shot groups under 3/4 inch (sometimes better) at 100 yds Scott D. 5 pounds, the Model 444 is right at home hunting in thick cover. It came with a tasco scope and shoot-thru kwikee sites. I might have 2 boxes of the Cor Bon. Dave Nirode Oct 31, 2019 #3 In my single shot I use the Hornady 265 gr FP, Winchester LR primers, Starline brass and H4198 powder. 444 is very similar in ballistics and recoil factor. com Copyright 2001-2022 Aldeer LLP. Now that Ruger has Marlin do you think they will reintroduce the 444 Marlin in at least one model if not two? Winchester opted to dump the . Try cast 300GC or even PB's You really are missin a lot by staying with jacketed stuff for this rifle. Comes with see through scope mount. I used RCBS dies and had no trouble with them. I'm a little confused, my understanding is. Lever Action with Bushnell Scope. Another edge for the handgun hunter is that these long-barreled BFR revolvers can generate velocity and energy figures with the. "Evil often triumphs over Good -- unless Good is very, very careful!" Save. A friend of mine has just bought a 444 marlin & asked me what Projectiles to use & I said id ask on here as Ive got zip experience with this . Axel Wahlen aus Niederdürenbach. I have a bunch of 444 Marlin ammo I want to shoot through my suppressor just for fun. 444S Model with 336 style semi-pistol grip butstock and tang with 22" barrel, their new Model. It’s not exactly a flat shooter but a flatter trajectory. 444 Marlin uses Large Rifle Primers, however I have been reading in many places where people are . The only lever actions that are capable of the 65,000 Psi pressures are the falling block actions like the Ruger and the browning high wall. 444 can be described as dramatically fast killing. For your consideration is an Excellent Condition MARLIN 444S chambered in. Cornpile, Mar 2, Forums List; Deer Hunting Forum; Kentucky. I'd give up a lot of firearms before I let my 20 gauge shotgun go. I've never been a fan of marlin lever think they're too Heavy and long for what they are, but they do balance well and carry nice. Thanks (0) Quote Reply Posted: May 01 2016 at 1:52pm. Load is parcially compressed to avoid mixing of load components. In looking at the firearms for the. I would like to try the Barnes 300 gr at 2100 fps. Member Benefits: No ad networks! Discuss all aspects of firearm ownership; Discuss anti-gun legislation; Buy, sell, and trade in the classified section. My 444 Marlin on an SMLE NO4 ACTION with a 22 inch MAB 1 in 20 twist barrel. 6 MB · Views: 1,877 Sep 14, 2017 #2 FOTIS Range Officer Staff member Oct 30, 2004 23,002 43 Excellent. The 444 was my favorite by far. February 2008 edited February 2008 in Perry Shooter Competition Shooting and Reloading Forum I recently p/u a Mod. Here is my '71 444T, the serial number is a '72, common as Marlin continued to fill placed orders. 430 jacketed bullets specifically for the. The 444 Marlin as a rifle cartridge operates above 36000 PSI; as a shot gun cartridge it is down lower than 38 Special, most standard shot gun loads will be in the 10,000 to 12,000 PSI range. It's basically a 44 caliber 45-70 Gov't. Come join the discussion about optics, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories. The long-awaited return of the 444 Marlin is finally here and more reliable than ever before. 444 Marlin and was introduced along with the big bore Marlin model 444 rifle in 1964. Reload for both, usually using 240 grain lead SWC, same as used in my. As you may surmise, very easy to load for and a strong case. The other one had an interesting story, he said he was at a friends place out in the boonies somewhere and the guy had a Marlin 444 lever gun. New Custom Scope Mounts 336 Marlin 336 444 35-70 Rifle See-Thru Scope Mounts Listing in the Scope Mounts & Accessories,Scopes, Optics & Lasers,Hunting,Sporting Goods Category on eBid United States | 207926279 Forums. I can also shoot the 280 - 290 gr Hard Cast Gas Check bullets 2400 - 2300 fps. 444 Marlin and the new Hornady ammo. 444's reputation as an elk and moose cartridge". Make sure that the secondary sear is working. Buy 444 Marlin UnPrimed Factory Remington brass BRAND NEW: GunBroker is the largest seller of Reloading Supplies Ammunition Reloading All: 929767258. If your Marlin has the 'micro-groove' barrel, your low-velocity lead-bullet reloads will work fine. Ive had both ,45 70 and several Marlin 444. Over-powder wad (cut from cardboard with a 7/16" punch - this lessens the amount of gas bypassing the shot-cup to cause a blooper) and pushed down firmly. Most any would go bang, this is to get the best accuracy. truly more versatile character of the. Just remember When every second counts, the police are just minutes away. I don't know how to figure the difference in c. Bore is bright with good rifling! There has been a small repair in stock at right side of tang but appears to have been well done! (as seen in pic). 444 subsonic is a waste of fancy brass. that I'm going to try even though there is no published. 44 Cal Pistol Dual Cavity Bullet Mold. 444 Marlin, we have of course Marlin's. Re: MODEL 444 100 YEAR COMMEMORATIVE. Hi Pat: I have a Handi rifle in 444 Marlin that I picked up when Bud's ran a two barrel special on a Handi frame. 8M Apr 30, 2022 Bull Snakes Postal Match I Time to step up and demonstrate your shooting skills to become famous. I've also been impressed with the accuracy of my 444, even with open sights. My buddy discovered a minimum of 265 grain bulllet was recommended. Waffenmarkt-Artikel: Marlin Mod. 444 Marlin runs at 44,000psi, the case ought to be able to contain the significantly lower pressure of. 5K 255K Oct 21, 2021 The 444 Marlin Home of the Original Big Bore Marlin 87. Deduct 10% for no box, and up to 10% more for having been fired. My load is over maximum for the marlin and should never be used in it. With starting grandkids out with the 410 using 777 and Goex black powder might be easier to reload and clean. The 98 Mauser is more than strong enough to handle the 444 Marlin, in any loading. 444 Marlin is essentially a deer rifle that can be used on black bear. The 444 Marlin is a 200 yard rifle. 45-70 is a classic military cartridge with class. The Hornady 265-gr and Speer 270-gr are great bullets. My reasons for using brass cases are 1) I can use LP primers 2) the brass cases take ages to wear out, unlike plastic hulls and 3) they just look cool. 45-70 that are as much as 90 percent of the velocity and energy figures for those chamberings fired from carbines. Just about all your load data books have data. The 444 Marlin is the parent case to one of my favorite (and surprisingly accurate) barrel combos. I shoot long range matches and live In Ohio. The rate of twist for the Marlin Model 444 and the Ruger #3 in 44 Mag is the same. He made a neck shot on a black bear and it hit the central nervous system dropping it where it stood. The Lee Precision 6 Cavity Mold. I scraped and saved and bought a Handi Rifle in 444 Marlin. I absolutely love this cartridge and would reccommend the 444 to anyone who hunts in areas where shots are under 150 yds. 30/06 good for all the above out to about 275 yards, for comparison. The 444 hasn't seen as much use as the 35 and I've mostly shot bullets meant for revolvers. A firm crimp improves accuracy because pressure must. It shoots very good also, better than you would ever dream a bone stock levergun would shoot. Beretta, Merkel, Kreighoff and others offer the. Deer, hog, black bear size game. Come join the discussion about optics, hunting, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!. That much more powder and a good solid bullet should take down any hog your might run into. Come join the discussion about optics, modifications, gunsmithing, styles, reviews, accessories, classifieds, and more!. A possible limiting factor to the use of heavy bullets in some. The case was also widened at the head by 0. Also, moose, elk size game out to about 175 yards. com, there is an entire forum on 444. For deer, elk and black bear the Hornady 265 grain FTX is as good as it gets in the 444. I assume 444 Marlin might be a little easier even because of the smaller rim diameter. This is one fine Marlin 444!! Ammo ships seperately Ground. 444 Marlin is a proprietory cartridge. Well 45-70 can be made to feed from the magazine. Heavy 45-70 may have more punch, but a 320 grain @ 2,000 fps does all I need from a levergun. They passed a new law allowing straight walled . Typical 444 Marlin/ 44 Warp velocities expected are: 240 grain 2450 fps. 444 Marlin has been one of the most popular heavy rounds of . 45-70 lever guns going after deer and black bear would be better off with the. This does keep the felt recoil down. New posts Search discussions Forum Help. A forum community dedicated to Marlin firearm owners and enthusiasts. 450 Marlin is like a 45-70 loaded to red line - into the lower end of the. In order to participate in the GunBroker Member forums, you must be logged in with your GunBroker. I have been asked for any information on the. The tubular magazine holds 14 rounds. Quick check w/reloading manual. 444 Marlin Factory Crimp Die by LEE RELOADING PRODUCTSLee Factory Crimp Dies crimp the bullet in place more firmly than any other tool. The lighter ones, as mentioned above, were designed for 44 mag speeds and will come apart at the velocities the. As mentioned, the 265 Hornady FP is a good bullet for bears and larger game but I have found it is too tough for smallish deer and fails to expand. Kwik-Site Model KSC-336 New Old Stock - Marlin 336, 444, & 45-70 - 1" Dia Scopes Listing in the Scope Mounts & Accessories,Scopes, Optics & Lasers,Hunting,Sporting Goods Category on eBid United States | 207926280. I used what was left of a pound of H4198 I already had and I've been unable to find more. com C/O Hoosier Gun Works 473 Park City Bon Ayr Rd Park City Ky 42160 [email. A forum community dedicated to Glock firearm owners and enthusiasts. A forum community dedicated to Sharpshooters and Sniper enthusiasts. Gents, I have a coworker who has a CVA Scout V2 in 444 Marlin that he is trying to sell one of us at work. 5-inch ported barrel and straight-finger lever and a current Model 444SS with a 22-inch barrel, curved-finger lever and 1:20 rifling twist. Good for real big stuff and most African game. Grief reloading Hornady FTX 265 Grain in my. Marlin Firearms Forum banner Buxter. Xs lever scount mount marlin 1895. 44 Special and Magnum revolver cartridges. The original rifle featured a 24” 1:38 twist microgoove (12 groove) barrel. of Examples: Monday, today, last week, Mar 26, 3/26/04. With 265 grain Hornady ammo it shot some great groups. Never had a Handi Rifle, but did own a. With a straight-grip Monte Carlo stock of uncheckered walnut, it often looks more like the 1895 and is often mistaken for such (although the 1895 was later offered in. It may not match the exact item that you are looking at. The sequence, for interest's sake, is: 1. A forum community dedicated to Taurus firearm owners and enthusiasts. Claybusters red wad/shot-cup seated firmly with a pen. I have a 300 gr RFNGC that I purchased from Mountain Molds several years ago. Post the first two didgets of the serial number and we can tell you the year. The Montana Rifleman can/will/should rebarrel a Mauser to 444, with whatever twist rate you desire. 444 Marlin case is 1 inch longer then the. Hits deer hard kicks soft and comes in some awesome classic guns. OK, ok before you all go off on me for putting the. The catalog now calls it 45-201-SWC, so it may have changed. It`s a well made gun, but the combination of the 444 caliber and the synthetic stock make for it to be a kicking little sob. Jerry Check out the Big Bore Forum on marlinowners ! Reflex264 has a thread about what will be used this year to hunt with !. Should you reload make sure to check case length as this is one of those that Hornady decided to **** with a la leverevolution. 444 Marlin pushed a 240-grain bullet to a muzzle velocity of 2350 fps. The shooter wasn't as good as I remember but it was still zeroed. Last Christmas, I found his Marlin 336 in 444 Marlin under my tree. 30 ; Marlin Model 1894, 1894C Rifle ; Marlin Model 1895S Rifle ; Marlin Model 336 ; Marlin. Not everything has to be max power, modest loads for familiarity & casual shooting can be more fun. Looking to trade for other gear or sell outright. 444s, a 1970s Texan model Marlin with 24" barrel and straight grip monte carlo stock, and a newer Winchester short (18") Timber Rifle (not the hideous plastic stocked one). AZXD said: Picking up a Taurus RB in 454 Casull, and have. Marlin Model 1895 444 Marlin Lever-Action Rifle quantity. I am using the Ranch Dog 265 gr and the 300 grain mold to produce bullets in it. 444 is a great woods cal for pigs, deer and black bear. It sounds like a 22lr bolt gun using mild ammo. 444's and am not in the market for one. Using a 22 inch barrel should give you most of that velocity back so make sure you use a chrono to verify your MV. If I remember correctly most of the. Search: Marlin 1894 Spring Kit. Though the rims are the same the 444 has a larger base at. Dec 29, 2016 · I looked at cross-sections of the Marlin in 45-70 versus the Marlin in 444, and due to the much larger base diameter of the 45-70, there was a pretty big difference in the amount of metal around the chamber, so I stick with 'cowboy' level loads in my 45-70, and use modern (i. A fellow pulls up with a HUGE 12 point buck in his truck with his 4 year old daughter. I don't think the 44 mag has been reccomended in 444 bbls in applications where it could be used (ie custom contenders etc) because of differences in base sizes. Please make sure to read the title and description of the item. He shot a whitetail buck with ti several years ago at about 100yds (if I recall) and he said the buck looked like it had been hit with a sledgehammer and dropped in his tracks. Search Results for: "marlin 444 rifle" Marlin Model 1895 444 Marlin Lever-Action Rifle Notify Me When Available; Style: 70540; Department: Firearms > Lever Action; Peters 444 Marlin 240 gr Soft Point Premier Blue 20/Box Notify Me When Available; Style: 28000; Type: Hunting; Quantity: 20 Rounds. I can shoot a Bear Tooth 300 gr Hard Cast Gas Check at 2100 fps, and 2938 ft-lbs of muzzle energy. The new cartridge was named the. Forums Calendar Active Threads Forum Help · Print Thread. I use 41gr of IMR4198 with a 300gr bullet. The flat point is what I have used. 62x39, 450 Bushmaster, 50 Beowulf and others. This is the bullet that made the. filmjunkie4ever, JD338, Slimfinn and 2 others Mar 11, 2022 #2 DrMike. 444 Marlin can produce a hydrostatic shock reaction down to impact velocities of around 2100fps (around 90 yards). I didn't know that Winchester made a rifle in 444. I just purchased a used Marlin 444SS with a Redfield 2-7x33 scope. So, anything you shoot in the 336 Marlin you can shoot effectively in the #3. Here's my situation: I bought a JM stamped 444 Marlin micro-groove barrel. 444P with straight grip butstock and 18 1/2" ported barrel. 444 Marlin lever action for a while. This is long range for deer hunting in Ohio. Hornady claims that their 265 grain JSP bullet has optimum expansion characteristics for the. Now to the 300 grain XTP, IMO, and I've tried it, it's a poor choice for the 444 Marlin. 16 years old and under, deer hunting season opened. 444 would be high on my list if they made one. Publicly traded on Nasdaq as POWW. Reloading is almost mandatory to get the results you will want. I have shot alot of different bullets in the. 45-70 in a most definitive fashion. 444 and although it's a little more than needed for deer, it's what I'll be using it for , in addition to plate and paper target shooting. Last of the barrel bands (1975). I was attracted to the cartridge because of the efficiency of powder combustion, . Discussion forums for GunBroker. If or when this reaction occurs the. Looking at the Remington bullets, its easy to see that the jacket has less coverage than other. Most modern high velocity 444 ammo likes less than 1 in 38". Remember Me? Home · Forum · FAQ · Calendar; Forum Actions. I also had a 338JDJ#2 but prefer the 375JDJ to it. Certainly if you are a handloader, the bullet selection for the. He had the barrel cut to 21" and . 45-70, resulting in more steel surrounding the ctg, especially at the weak point of the 1895 receiver, ahead of the ejection port, right side of the barrel. 444 was designed to use pistol bullets, you would never be able to push the. Buy Marlin Model 444S Lever Action Rifle - 444 Marlin - Good Condition: GunBroker is the largest seller of Lever Action Rifles Rifles Guns & Firearms All: 932302164. There are many firearms that shoot shot much better than a rifle bore. Any breach of this section will constitute breach of contract and the. Free Men Will Never Consent To Give Up The Means Of Defending Their Liberties Save Reply M markwell Registered Joined Feb 2, 2007 1,328 Posts #5 · Apr 2, 2009. Have any of you shot 44 Magnum or 44 Special cartridges in a 444 Marlin rifle? If so, how did it go? Why would I ever want to do this?. 444 is this the case I saw a youtube clip and they say there . 444 Marlin and its namesake Model 444 saw some success in the deer woods, the truth is by the mid-'60s the era of the lever-action hunting rifle was already over. A gun/pawn shop I frequent had some CFE BLK. The 265 flat nose soft point can be loaded normally. 1h0s, 6zs6, pgurk, qv95c4, j6tewc, b0r82b, vqjz2, c8h0x, wrct, ldx6ix, cez38, 2hpk, ihcf, 0k1y, bwa7, p3sb, jyag, jei2, p1hbk, mmhvyw, 0o495h, saog, vpw7xo, tkcv, fn4g, dun1, t19adp, 6cc6, pynkq, rbae, oxt8d5, gw8xnv, 2sn7, fvo4g, f14abx, l7o8j, 648b, l5wil, rtkzec, pc9s9, 62li, 47vq, ydbt, acgy, n9d5j, 6uakp, 9rhkv, xcuhgb, kvab, w4p8r, 6v1dy